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Marhaba Pink Salt

Marhaba Pink Salt

Over 250 million years ago, continents were clumped into one mass and a piece of the pristine primordial sea was captured in the heart of the Himalayas. Deposited and sealed within the Earth, it has been preserved with all its beauty intact. It is full of electrolytes that you need to recharge your system, particularly after exercise. You hold in your hands a pre-historic sea salt, untouched by man-made pollution. Marhaba brings you pure, natural and best quality Himalayan Pink salt in its natural fortified form. Impurity free salt with delightful taste will make your meal enjoyable. Presence of rare 84 trace minerals make it perfect for balancing human health. Marhaba Himalayan Pink salt is a high-quality food grade salt that naturally enhances the taste and flavor of food giving the ultimate food experience that you will promptly say Marhaba.
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